Police Benevolent Association

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The Virginia Beach Police Benevolent Association Local 34 is honored to support the morale and welfare of our members as well as strengthen our partnership with the citizens with whom we are sworn to protect.


  • PBA Legal Plan
  • Counseling
  • Education & Training
  • PBA Library
  • Death Benefit
  • Light Duty / No Duty Financial Assistance Benefit
  • Athletic Events / Family Activities
  • Newborn Benefit
  • Flowers


This list replaces any/all existing lists*, and is subject to change any time, with majority approval of the PBA's Executive Board. All members will be notified whenever any revisions are adopted, and all benefits and restrictions apply equally to all members, including Executive Board members.*This list does not rescind or alter any of the provisions of the PBA "investment account" benefit that was discontinued approximately a decade ago, but from which some long-time members are still eligible for payouts, upon their promotion or separation from the department.



Download and print the Membership Application form (alternatively, one can be requested from any Board member).


Return completed Membership Application to any Board member.


Once processed, you will receive your membership packet.


• Dues are tax deductible.
• Benefits apply once the first full month's dues are paid.
• Pre-existing situations are not covered.

NOTE: If you are promoted or leave the organization, you are responsible for stopping your dues payment by notifying Payroll. In addition, we ask that you please notify the the Board of your status change.


Are my dues tax deductible?
Yes. Union dues are tax deductible.

Are pre-existing situations covered by the union?
No. Only situation that arise after membership are covered.

When do my PBA benefits start?
You are eligible for full benefits after your first full month of dues is paid.

When are meetings?
General body meetings are every other month on the third Friday at 1630. Please contact a board member prior as they are subject to change.

Can I remain a PBA member once I'm promoted?
No. PBA membership is for sworn non supervisors only.

Can I pay my dues other than by payroll check?
No. Dues must be paid by payroll.

Are Board members compensated?
No. Board members are not compensated for their time.

If I'm promoted, how do I stop my dues?
You must contact payroll and inform them of your promotion date and request your dues be stopped a close to that date a possible.

Does the PBA attorney cover things such as personal contracts, wills, or home closings?
No. The PBA attorney only covers things that may arise from job related circumstances.

Does PBA 34 belong to a national organization?
Yes. PBA 34 is a member of IUPA and the AFLCIO.

On behalf of the Navy SEAL Foundation, thank you for your contribution. Your generosity sends a clear message of unwavering support to our Navy SEALs, Naval Special Warfare community, and their friends.

April 3, 2014: Robin King, Chief Executive Officer, Navy SEAL Foundation