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Vote to Support the Virginia Beach Police

What’s between you and chaos?

Who is there when mayhem breaks out? What’s protecting you from unlawful and even deadly activity? The Virginia Beach Police. We are out there on the front lines when things get out of hand and dangerous. We are attacked, assaulted and shot at, all to keep you safe.

To those who say defund the police, we say DEFEND THE POLICE.

We support these candidates  because they support us: Bobby Dyer ,Rosemary Wilson, Michael Berlucci, Eric Wray, Bill Dale

Protect public safety. Help your police re-elect Mayor Bobby Dyer.

As the representatives of nearly 500 Virginia Beach officers and detectives, we cannot stay silent on the Mayor’s Race.  Mayor Dyer, a champion of public safety and long time supporter of the police, is being challenged by Jody Wagner, a liberal Democrat.  She has been marching with protesters that want to defund the police. Don’t let Virginia Beach become another Seattle or Portland.

The Virginia Beach Police Benevolent Association Local 34 is honored to support the morale and welfare of our members as well as strengthen our partnership with the citizens with whom we are sworn to protect.

June 12, 2020: A Response to the Virginia Beach City Council’s Open Letter to the Citizens of Virginia Beach

On behalf of the nearly 500 uniformed officers and detectives represented by the Virginia Beach P.B.A., I am responding to your letter titled “An Open Letter to the Citizens of Virginia Beach” dated June 9, 2020.

We share much common ground with your letter.

Our organization, and our membership, joins in your repudiation of the events in Minneapolis which took the life of George Floyd.

We also agree with the premise put forth in your letter that it is critical we all work together as a community to ensure inclusion for everyone.

We again agree that the VBPD, and its officers, have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to training, policies, and procedures, with the purpose of treating members of our community in a respectful, unbiased manner.

However, we must take exception to your comment that “systemic racism persists in varying degrees in the nation’s law enforcement agencies.”

First, something that is systemic is defined as “a problem to issues inherent in the overall system, rather than due to a specific, individual factor.”

The George Floyd tragedy, as well as others, are specific and individual incidents (factors).

These individual and specific disturbing incidents should be viewed, and treated, as such.

An entire profession should not be maligned, no more than an otherwise healthy host body should be killed to destroy a single cancer cell.

Understanding the emotion of the situation we, the P.B.A., can only counter with facts.

This organization which is completely made up of our city’s sworn police officers, endorsed, supported, and voted for, the most diverse city council in our city’s history.

The same council you now have the pleasure of serving on. This could never have occurred with the existence of “systemic racism.”

It certainly was not “systemic racism” that led police officers into the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

It was not “systemic racism” that led police officers into the “Pulse Night Club” on June 12, 2016.

And it was not “systemic racism” that led our very own officers into “Building 2” on May 31, 2019.

There are approximately 375,000,000 documented police to citizen contacts each year (FBI stat).

These numbers do not equate to “systemic”.

Using this term in a reckless fashion is akin to the behavior of the vandal who spray painted the Virginia Beach Police Memorial honoring your city’s fallen officers during the “Expressive Event” (riot).

It besmirches the sacrifices of so many who work today, and those who sacrificed their tomorrows, for a better, safer, more diverse community.

Furthermore, we have seen police officers assaulted, ambushed, and murdered.

They have been characterized as racists and fascists by the very same people who hire them and entrust them to protect their cities.

This, all because these same politicians believe that they can judge, on sight, from a distance, or without ever meeting them, what is in their mind, heart, and soul.

I pray that we do not lose an officer in our city because of language from our own city hall.

While I believe we can, and should, work together to make something positive come from the death of George Floyd, I also believe you have greatly mischaracterized Law Enforcement.

Like those who vilified our military because they disagreed with the politics of Vietnam or the actions of a minute few who served, you will some day find yourself on the wrong side of history as to your characterization of Law Enforcement.

Brian R.Luciano
Virginia Beach P.B.A., President


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2015 VB Public Rally in Support of VB Police

On behalf of the Virginia Beach Department of Human Services, I want to begin by thanking everyone for the overwhelming support you provided to our 2013 Holiday Project Program. Because of your generosity, wishes came true for hundreds of Virginia Beach families and Foster Children. Approximately 1,421 children awoke on Christmas morning to find fabulous gifts under their trees and enjoyed dinner and special treats.

January 7, 2014: Michelle Streuli, Holiday Project Coordinator, Dept. of Human Services